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Ceremony is a young tableware brand based in Antwerp, founded by Morgane Van Marcke. Morgane is known from her blog Humbly By Morgane, where she shares inspiration for plantbased cooking. In 2021 she wrote her first published cookbook The Radiant Table. Morgane has always had a big interest in styling food and table settings in the most aesthetically pleasing way. Therefore, she continues her adventure with her own tableware collection called ‘Ceremony’.

The Ceremony tableware collection consists of table linen and ceramics designed by Morgane in Antwerp and made by local artisans in Italy. Morgane works with family-run ateliers in Italy that provide the best quality products and an ethical work environment for their artisans. Responsible products will always be a priority for Ceremony.

The collections are inspired by travels and nature. The first collection is an homage to “nature in all of its glory”. For the Tropical Ivy Collection Morgane was inspired by the nature in the small beach town of Trancoso, Brazil. This design is her own interpretation of what tropical ivy could look like. It represents the leaves of the Caladium plant with red fantasy flowers popping from them. The Zesty Garden is a representation of Morgane’s dream garden full of plants, citrus fruits and beautiful insects. What is the inspiration for Ceremony’s next collection? Stay tuned and find out.

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